Take the guesswork out of living a healthy lifestyle

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is one of the key pathways to preventing modern living illnesses, slow down the ageing process and realise our physical health, mental well-being and performance potential.

This online course provides you with evidence based information about the key pillars of a healthy lifestyle and guides you through making positive habit changes.

The course is based on the "My Lifestyle Power" model, created by clinical psychologist Danielle Matto and lifestyle medicine specialist Erik van den Top.

You determine your own pace and work through the course from the comfort of your home.

My Lifestyle Power Assessment

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Extensive scientific research shows that when we leverage the full power of lifestyle, it is not just our physical health that benefits. Our mental well-being can be significantly enhanced and so can our productivity, performance and our capacity for connecting with and influencing others in positive ways. This free, 21-question, assessment evaluates how well you are currently tapping into the power of lifestyle across seven domains. You will receive a report which will set you up to take maximum advantage of the course.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Course Structure

    3. Course provision

    4. The My Lifestyle Power Model

    5. My Lifestyle Power Questionnaire

    1. Restorative Sleep

    2. TED Talk: Sleep is your superpower | Matt Walker

    3. Test your sleep knowledge

    4. Why Do We Fall Asleep?

    5. TED Talk: How to optimise light for health | Dan Pardi

    6. How long should we sleep?

    7. Get daylight and movement in the morning

    8. The importance of a consistent sleep rhythm

    9. Relax yourself into good sleep

    10. Give yourself permission to sleep

    11. When do you have a sleeping problem?

    12. Things that disrupt sleep

    13. Tips for a good sleep routine

    1. The Influence Of Nutrition On Health

    2. What does our body do with food?

    3. Nutritional guidelines

    4. Take a lead from the BlueZones

    5. What Is nutritional value?

    6. How much fluid do we need?

    7. General tips for getting more fluids and eating a healthy diet

    8. Tips for Eating More Whole Foods

    9. Tips for eating more plant-based products

    10. Tips for a more varied diet

    11. Tips for conscious eating

    1. What is lifestyle?

    2. Healthy aging

    3. Getting started

    4. Setting lifestyle change up to succeed

    5. Use a habit tracker

    6. Create an accountability partnership

    7. Leverage the Higher Why strategy

    8. Start nudging

    9. The power of nudging in action - The Piano Staircase

    10. Els - A healthier life case study

    1. Introduction

    2. The benefits of being physically active

    3. General guidelines for physical activity and sedentary behaviour

    4. Taking stock and making a start

    5. Tips for moving more

    6. Limit sitting and change position often

    7. Correct sitting position

    8. Look after your eyes

    9. Applying it all

    1. Introduction to finding your Inner Balance

    2. Stress-recovery balance

    3. Work-life balance

    4. Making the most of your downtime

    5. Balancing time

    6. Taking stock of the actual time division

About this course

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  • 79 lessons
  • 9 chapters
  • Access for 3 months

Course Authors

Clinical Psychologist Danielle Matto

Danielle Matto is a clinical psychologist and BCIA certified biofeedback therapist (BCB-HRV).

In private practice she combines biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, stress management and Audio Visual Stimulation. She treats patients with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, stress, burnout, headache, neck-shoulder pain, Irritable Bowel syndrome and hypertension.

In addition to her clinical work she is a teacher and mentor (www.biofeedbackworkshops.eu).

She has been actively involved in the Biofeedback Federation of Europe from its founding in 1995 till 2012. She remains a member of the BFE advisory board.

Functional Wellness Specialist Erik van den Top

BE(Hons), BCIA HRV, CAPP, CEOC, Cert. Biofeedback, Cert. Heart Rate Variability, Cert Nutrition, Cert. Mindfulness.

Erik is a Functional Wellness Specialist and Professional Coach, with extensive training in lifestyle medicine, positive psychology, behavioural change science, psychophysiology and biofeedback, mindfulness, wellness and nutrition.

He works with leaders and professionals, who intuitively know that sustained high performance and effective leadership is built on a foundation of balance, vitality and wellness.

In private practice, Erik also works with people with chronic or medically unexplained disorders that involve a dysregulation of the autonomic nervous and endocrine system.